Feburary 2006

Cultural Events

Work in the schools began in earnest in Feburary but I still managed to get in a few cultural events.


Linlithgow is about 20 minutes west of Edinburgh by train in West Lothian. It is a town with a variety of buildings from the 1400's through some rather ugly 1970s structures. The most impressive structures are St. Michael's Church and the Linlithgow Palace, built between the 1400s and the 1600s by James I through James V. Mary Queen of Scots was born here. Cleo Jones has been there several times before and acted as very well informed tour guide.

St Michaels
St. Michael's Cathedral with 1960s tower
St Michaels window
St. Michael's new window (1992)
Fountain at Linlithgow Palace, refurbished in 2002
Great Hall
Great Hall with fireplace
North wing
North wing rebuilt by James V in 1600's
Cleo Jones in Linlithgow
Southeast tower
Southeast tower

Around Edinburgh

I'm working on checking out the smaller museums and sites in Edinburgh. This month so far I've seen:


I attended a workshop at the Stirling Highland Hotel which was formerly the high school. The following weekend I returned to tour Stirling Castle and a few other sites around the city.


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