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Queen's Gallery

The Queen's Gallery is an exhibit space right outside the Palace of Holyroodhouse and houses parts of the Royal Collection. It is in the old Duchess of Gordon's School. The exhibit through May is 80 fans from the Royal Collection. Many were collected by Queen Mary, some were gifts from other royalty or groups, and a number were used for christenings, weddings, and coronations. They were made from leather, paper, lace, and feather and many were encrusted with jewels on the handles (guards). They can be viewed in the online gallery. Queen's Gallery

Scottish Parliament

I haven't made it on the tour of this new complex of buildings designed by Enric and Benedetta Miralles. It was fairly controversial in that it ended up costing about ten times the original estimate.

Scottish Parliament
Scottish Parliament

People's Story

Very much like the People's Palace in Glasgow, this is a social history of Edinburgh since the early 1800s. It is housed in the Canongate Tolbooth which was built in 1592. This is one of the older buildings in the Old Town as many were removed in the 1800s due to unhealthy living conditions. This exhibit focuses on the world of work, the rise of unions, health care, and sports and other social activities. The 20 minute video features four individuals born in the early 1900s who tell their stories (e.g., bricklayer, household servant, shop worker, and printer. There is a strong emphasis on the socialistic nature of society and the changes to make life healthier for the population. It is well described and a little more upbeat than the Glasgow Museum.

Canongate Tolbooth
Canongate Tolbooth (People's Story)

Near this museum is the Museum of Child which started in the 1950s as the collection of a middle-aged bachelor who loved to collect toys but wasn't crazy about kids. There is quite a collection of toys arranged by type in five galleries. On a Saturday the place was filled with young children who were check out all the interactive things around the museum. There is also a section on children's clothing from the 1800s and early 1900s.

Calton Hill

This hill not far from my flat offers good views of the city from the Firth of Forth to the hills south of the city. It also has a number of structures designed by William Playfair. The Nelson Monument was built in 1805 to honor Admiral Nelson. The City Observatory has a "Politician's Clock" with two faces, one facing into the observatory and one facing out to allow ships' captains to set their timepieces. The Monument to Dugald Stewart, a professor of moral philosophy, was also created by Playfair. The National Monument, a model of the Parthenon was to commemorate the fallen of the Napolenonic Wars. it ran out of funds three years after it was started.

Looking toward Calton Hill
View of Calton Hill from Old Town


Arthur's Seat
Arthur's Seat from Carlton Hill

National Monument
National Monument


Dugald Stewart Monument
Monument to Dugald Stewart
Nelson Monument
Nelson Monument
Crocuses in mid-February

From the top of Calton Hill you can see the building my flat is in just in front of the three red smoke stacks of the post office's central sorting office. The red arrow points to the building.

House location

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